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1AUDIO/VISUAL: The mission of the Audio Visual Ministry is to: Effectively enhance, complement and portray the Worship, Word, and Pastoral ministries of Union Baptist Church; Aid, direct, and inspire members in their Worship and attention to the Word; Assist in vision-casting through professional graphics, imagery, and videos; and Serve all ministries with a spirit of excellence.
1 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: The mission of the Christian Education Ministry of Union Baptist Church of New Castle County, Inc. is to provide the collective teaching ministry at Union Baptist Church which delivers an organized Christian Doctrine that wins disciples and promotes spiritual growth.
1CULINARY: The Culinary Ministry is responsible for the food preparation and service at the church and to work with other persons and groups, who request the use of the kitchen.
1FAMILY DEACON: The Family Deacons Ministry assists the Pastoral Staff with meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the church body. The Family Deacons offer additional spiritual support to the church’s ministries and each individual and family within Union Baptist Church.
1FAMILY DEACONESS: Our mission is to help the Senior Pastor fulfill his vision of helping to build strong, godly families and reaching out to the local community with the message of the love of Jesus. This "diakonkos" (Greek for servant) ministry is described in Titus 2. We are to love the Lord Jesus Christ and minister especially to other women as described in Titus 2:3-5; MORE...
1FINANCE: The mission of the Finance Ministry is to serve the needs of the entire church through Biblically based financial and facilities stewardship as directed by the vision and mission of the church.
1FLOWER: The Flower Ministry enhances the physical beauty of our church.
1HEALTH & WELLNESS: The Health & Wellness Ministry provides the church with relevant information for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
1MARRIAGE: The mission of the Marriage Ministry of the Union Baptist Church is to provide a spiritual and healthy environment for ongoing opportunities to enhance marriages and improve spousal relationships. We encourage, share and learn from each other through Christ-centered practical teaching and social events. MORE...
1MARY E. HERRING SERVICE GUILD: The purpose of the Mary E. Herring Service Guild is to award scholarships to Union Baptist Church high school students in support of their college and career goals.
1MEN: Our mission as the Men's Ministry of Union Baptist Church is to develop men to be Godly leaders by studying God's Word, showing God's love and reaching God's people through inreach, outreach and fellowship.
1MISSIONARY: The purpose of the Missionary Ministry is to promote kingdom building through spiritual growth in our church, community and abroad.
1MUSIC: The mission of the Music Ministry of Union Baptist is to: Create an atmosphere where God inhabits and manifests His glory; facilitate the fulfillment of the overall mission and vision of Union Baptist through the delivery of spirit led music that enhances, edifies, inspires, challenges and provokes worship from the corporate body; MORE...
1PASTOR'S AID: The Pastor's Aide Ministry of the UBC is comprised of sincere Christian believers united to stimulate and reinforce the spiritual, moral and material support of UBC's Pastor. MORE...
1SCHOOL OF MARTIAL ARTS: The Union Baptist School of Martial Arts seeks to help students develop discipline through formal martial arts training and spiritual development.
1SINGLES: The Singles Ministry provides a setting for learning, spiritual growth, emotional support and encouragement for single adults.
1TILLERS FOR CHRIST: The Tillers for Christ are a set of committed disciples spreading the Word of God throughout the Community.
1USHER'S, NURSES, HOSPITALITY: The mission of the Ushers, Nurses, and Hospitality Ministry is to: Allow the hospitality of the people to relax and open their heart for the worship of God and direction of His Holy Spirit; Be understanding to all parishioners; to exercise compassion with all people; Be efficient, but not at the expense of kindness; Set the tone of worship experiences as we meet, greet and seat.
1WOMEN: The purpose of the UBC Women’s Ministry is to create a Bible-centered atmosphere to enhance women in developing a strong Christian character and a committed lifestyle that biblically patters Godly women. MORE...
1 YOUTH: The Youth Ministry teaches, trains, and challenges our youth to seek God first and become effective witnesses for Christ.